Why we do what we do

This is a social network where people can be like minded in glorifying the Lord. WhatGodhasDoneForMe.com is a place where we can encourage each other and celebrate the awesome presence of the Lord in our lives.

This site transcends race, denomination, age and gender. It is a place where people all over the world can glorify the Lord for what he has done in their lives, a place where we are able to harvest the testimonies of others and share within our social groups and deliver directly to the heart of someone's need.

Our Mission

To share the love of God and invite our family, friends and others to walk with us on our journey with the Lord in a social and spiritual environment.

Our Objective

To have a fully functional social network that is solvent, sustainable and profitable, which is also an effective tool for sharing the things of God, and a resource for charitable giving.

It is only with the help and contributions of our partners (like you) that we'll be able to achieve the momentum it take's to change the world.

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